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Modern high pressure laminate their hygienic and low maintenance perties are ideal for busy families with little time for endless housework.
In today's homes,you can find laminate in living rooms,bedrooms,work spaces and bathrooms as well as in kitchens and ie may as easily be loose furnishing as fitted surfaces,or the head-board on your bed,or the doors on your kitchen cabinets.
Features: Shock resistant、Dampproof and rest preventio、Easy to clean and maintain、Flexibie design、Richcolors、Waterproof and fireproofing、Resistance to bacterium、Free from peculiar smell、Durabieg、Grease proof
Application: Furniture decoration;Kicthen;Locker;Wall cladding;Public face;Chemical resistant in laboratory,Hospital
  • School project
  • Compact -Locker
  • Compact 12mm- Partition
  • Compact- table top
  • Compact -Wall Cladding
  • Furniture -High pressure laminate
  • Hpl-Honeycomb Partition
  • Exterior compact
  • Fiber -Cabinet
  • Compact- lab
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